Thursday, August 30, 2012

Steam Tank Commander Patton retires...

Steam Tank Commander Patton
At the Battle of Forlun's Ford
(Tankard of ale not pictured)
Edict from the Great Elector Count and ruler of Voltanheim:

After a lengthy trial, Commander Patton of the 4th Imperial Legion, has been found to be negligent in his duties. He was by his own admission drunk and disorderly during the battle. His own words were "I vas shickered to zee eyeballs my Lord, hee hee hee". This fact contributed to the appalling result of the battle and cannot be excused. He has been derelict in his performance on the field of battle and therefore has been retired permanently. His previous record and exemplarily performance as an Officer and Commander of the Empire is unsurpassed. For this, his retirement will not be held in public.

Great Sherriff of Voltanheim and the Realm
Baron Wyattus Earpees

foote note:
It is rumoured that as one of the Count's favourite Commanders, Patton, wasn't retired permanently but in fact had been given the Tavern called the Vile Inn in Verdorn. That he has no need of coin and is looked after by his maid servant who is charged by the Count to never let him be without a full tankard of ale. It is said he is banished for the rest of his years to drink his profits and watch out at the neighbouring countryside and remember the day that he failed.

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