Monday, October 22, 2012

Dark Elves of Cybria Turn 1

Year 123 AR (After the Rage), Furstmonat

(Dark Elves of Cybria, Year 1, Month 1, Turn 1)

In the frozen wastes of the Shattered World an epic battle raged outside the gates of the Hruscan capital of Skarlsbad. A Cybrian army known simply as Blood Sacrifice marched on the northern barbarians, who, thinking themselves to have the greater numbers, met the Dark Elf host on a ruin-studded plain before the city walls. The northerners reckoned without the ferocity of the Elven commander Daidolos the Deadly however, who defeated no less than three heroes, including King Starkadder the Unpleasant himself, ruler of all Hrusca! It was not all completely one-sided though, for the Hruscan hero Beorn the Bear almost single-handedly destroyed the Mahksim Guard halberdiers, while a rogue war mammoth called Garn rampaged across the battlefield following the loss of its crew, trampling many Dark Elves underfoot.

In the end, when the dust settled (and despite small pockets of Hruscan warriors claiming distant corners of the battlefield), the road ahead was open for the remnants of the Dark Elf army to march forwards and capture the city of Skarlsbad. By this deed the Cybrians have set down a marker that will be a tough act to follow for all who style themselves as emperors of the Shattered World. Many Hruscan heroes were captured, including the legendary Grimwulf the Seer, and some units, such the household Hruscarls of the King slaughtered to a man. Interestingly, rumour has it that King Starkadder himself only barely survived his grievous wounds, and was last seen being taken aboard the flagship of his private armada, which was conveniently moored just offshore...

Elsewhere, the Dark Elves quietly added the hamlet of Thangor to their empire, and their neighbours must now surely be doubling the border patrols in a bid to stem the Elven invasion of the north!

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