Monday, August 20, 2012

Empire of Voltanheim Turn 1

Year 123 AR (After the Rage), Furstmonat

(Empire of Voltanheim, Year 1, Month 1, Turn 1)

The armies of the Empire of Voltanheim finally creaked into action and achieved mixed results. In the north, the city-state of Aardenburg, capital of the coastal Aardenburg confederation, rapidly acquiesced to the might of the Empire and formally became part of Voltanheim. Whether the outlying districts of the Confederation follow suit, as they are long famed for their fractious and independent natures, remains to be seen. Regardless, cynics have suggested that Grand Mayor Nuvries Gildensmirk only allowed the merger to rid his city of the pirates of the renegade Hruscan barbarian Zod the Hammer. If so, mission accomplished, for the pirates rapidly fled the city and Zod’s armada now lies some distance off-shore. In addition, Aardenburg is a valuable acquisition for Voltanheim and there is no way the Emperor will allow it to secede in the near or distant future.

Further south, despite the peaceful capture of a minor Elodian hamlet called Mundmeir, the real problems happened on the banks of the Marmeir River. Here, the Wood Elf village of Forlun’s Ford resisted joining the realm of Voltanheim, and so the Fourth Imperial Legion swung into action, storming across the river to claim the settlement for its own. Or so it should have happened. In reality, despite sowing panic in the Elven forces, only one unit of Knights made it across the river in the face of withering arrow-fire. Unsupported by their comrades, and surrounded by a wood full of vengeful Elves, they returned to the lands of Empire in defeat. Forlun’s Ford remains staunchly independent, but for how long is anyone’s guess...

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  1. From the Wood Elves of Glorenrond Forest:

    "Perhaps the 'Empire' of Voltanheim should reconsider it's ambitions south of the Marmeir River as next time they make the mistake of attempting to cross it, they are likely to meet more than just a few villagers... In the taverns in Glorenrond last night, where the hero's of Forlun’s Ford were the toast of the realm, there was speculation that the Voltanheimers would do well to stick to there strengths - farming! Glory, glory to the Wood Elves."