Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Intercepted Bellonian Message

Dearest High Archbishop Marcus Lightson,

For two weeks, I have spent many days and nights discussing this nearing war with representatives from the other nations of the Shattered Worlds. Of course, Von Victor of Voltenheim has been predictably indelicate in any peace talks. This is the way of the infidels, and they shall be judged by the One upon their deaths.

Talks, though brief, have been promising between myself and the Everqueen of Western Elodia. She gave needed and useful advice on the placements of our many armies. Particularly, she pointed out that our surplus bowmen would be better controlled if in small units... giving us flexibility and speed. The Everqueen has agreed that our end goals are similar and thus a period of mutual peace between our nations is beneficial to all.

As we had feared, it is clear that this small world is too big for so many diverse groups: war is indeed upon us. The Blessed One will guide us on our Holiest of Missions. The Missionaries from across the lands have been called back to the capital, ready to be deployed. Their Holy books will be replaced by swords and bows; their message of The One will this time be - decidedly - less tactful.

May The Ominous One protect you and our Highest Arch-Lord of The One, Primious Surquel.

- Arch-Monsignor Theodore Swiveldawn
(Representative for The Kights of Bellonia at the Shattered World symposium)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Dark Elves of Cybria

All who read these words would be wise to heed their message of power. I am Izradorra, 5th generation descendant of the

great Queen Morathi and ruler of our dark kin in Cybria. Those that have come before me do not matter and those that follow

will speak of my legend. Our great deity Khaine has blessed me with the wrathful rites and dark gifts of old. My beauty makes the secrets of foolish men known to me and their will bent to my own.

Our kin have endured a long sea voyage on great floating citadels to find refuge in the great frozen tundra of Cybria. The bitter cold serves as a reminder of the icy revenge we inflict upon any force that dares oppose us. With Dragonmaster Kalzahk and his beast at my side and the Sisterblades of Cybria at my command, none shall have the strength of will to stand in our way.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Elves of Western Elodia

Here follows my own record the story of our people since the great sundering of Ulthuan and the old and new worlds. The destruction of Ulthuan is intensely painful to think of let alone write about. Other historians may write of the great holocaust that struck our people however on this subject alone I shall henceforth remain silent.

I am the Everqueen. I am the sovereign ruler of the Asur, known in the world of men as “High Elves'. By friends and flatterers and at court I am known as Emberfire Heartfelt, ostensibly for the love I bear my people, whether under my direct rule or not. I am the fifth daughter of the fifth daughter of Alarielle the lost Everqueen of Averlorn. For this reason I am sometimes known out of court as Emberfire the Unlikely as it was never foreseen before the dark time that I would succeed as Everqueen. I bear and accept both epithets as a reminder of my own pride and humility.

I am the sole ruler of the Asur. For lost to that tragedy of which I no longer speak of was our beloved Phoenix king Finubar the Seafearer leaving no clear succession. All the best and greatest heroes of old Ulthuan are now lost. Teclis succumbed to an immense inflow of summoned power as he tried to stave off disaster with his art. Tyrion fell to the treacherous Druchii. Imrik of Caledor took to flight on his great worm Minaithnir and has never been seen since and the fate of Eltharion of Tor Yvresse is unknown. My sisters of Averlorn are all lost for they would not leave our beloved forest. I survived only because I was sailing back from the old world on a diplomatic mission to Athel Loren.

We never reached our home destination for our fleet was blown off course and for months we sailed with no clear course evident. Navigational augers no longer made sense and thus we drifted and sailed subsisting as best we could off deep sea fishing. Slowly and inexorably we started to starve and hope was all but lost when we arrived on the shores of western Elodia.

As chance would have it we happened to sail into a bay that formed a natural harbour with protection from the elements afforded by a large stretch of offshore sandbanks. Upon reaching the shore I cast augers for omens which turned out very favourable. With a prayer to Isha I selected the very spot in which we landed to build our new colony. Thus Elodia was founded and our beautiful city of New Caledor was settled. Unfortunately our Wood elf kindred decrying the lack of forested land decided to press onwards to the south and east. We wished them good fortune as their ships sailed into the horizon.

Time has passed and I fear the friendship we once shared with our woodland kin is all but forgotten. I pray that Kurnous will guide them in their lives. To our north Greenskins loom as a constant menace. My advisors at court counsel me to wage war on them but many of the more level headed suggest leaving them to their crags and chasms. Further afield the hateful druchii lurk as an ever present threat to the lives of all free folk. A dwarvern kingdom is still present to the north as are many human kingdoms, baronies, fiefdoms and bandit lairs. So many in fact it is hard to keep track of them as they rise and fall.

The first day of spring however, brings new promise. Our settlements are secure and our people are happy, well fed and prosperous. Only time will tell what lies in wait for the Asur. One thing is certain, while I live I will brook no act of hostility or incursion into Western Elodia. New Caledor will never fall and the Asur will survive and prosper. Thus I scribe to this parchment my heartfelt promise to my people.