Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Intercepted Bellonian Message

Dearest High Archbishop Marcus Lightson,

For two weeks, I have spent many days and nights discussing this nearing war with representatives from the other nations of the Shattered Worlds. Of course, Von Victor of Voltenheim has been predictably indelicate in any peace talks. This is the way of the infidels, and they shall be judged by the One upon their deaths.

Talks, though brief, have been promising between myself and the Everqueen of Western Elodia. She gave needed and useful advice on the placements of our many armies. Particularly, she pointed out that our surplus bowmen would be better controlled if in small units... giving us flexibility and speed. The Everqueen has agreed that our end goals are similar and thus a period of mutual peace between our nations is beneficial to all.

As we had feared, it is clear that this small world is too big for so many diverse groups: war is indeed upon us. The Blessed One will guide us on our Holiest of Missions. The Missionaries from across the lands have been called back to the capital, ready to be deployed. Their Holy books will be replaced by swords and bows; their message of The One will this time be - decidedly - less tactful.

May The Ominous One protect you and our Highest Arch-Lord of The One, Primious Surquel.

- Arch-Monsignor Theodore Swiveldawn
(Representative for The Kights of Bellonia at the Shattered World symposium)

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  1. Indelicate you say. Be gone with you Archie. My troops will receive an extra ration of blood wine and ale for every kanigit felled in battle. By Sigmar your pompous arrogance of anything other than that watery tart from the pond tells you is beyond belief. we are not desirous of a war with Bellonia, but niether would we shrink from one. If you would only accept the women and wine I offer you, then we can sit at the great hall and discuss peace. After all we are kindered brothers against all those other foul smelling creatures of this land. Now my wench awaits with more hot wine. VV-I