Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Dark Elves of Cybria

All who read these words would be wise to heed their message of power. I am Izradorra, 5th generation descendant of the

great Queen Morathi and ruler of our dark kin in Cybria. Those that have come before me do not matter and those that follow

will speak of my legend. Our great deity Khaine has blessed me with the wrathful rites and dark gifts of old. My beauty makes the secrets of foolish men known to me and their will bent to my own.

Our kin have endured a long sea voyage on great floating citadels to find refuge in the great frozen tundra of Cybria. The bitter cold serves as a reminder of the icy revenge we inflict upon any force that dares oppose us. With Dragonmaster Kalzahk and his beast at my side and the Sisterblades of Cybria at my command, none shall have the strength of will to stand in our way.

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