Thursday, April 12, 2012

Game On!

The Shattered World
Year 123 AR (After the Rage), Furstmonat

(Year 1, Month 1, Turn 1)


Scene: Cluttered Orc cave within the plateau city of Thraskis Doom, deep in the Crimson Wastes

Orcling: Cripes Grandad! You’re so old I bet you saw the great dragon Thorinthangol!

Old Orc: Pipe down, sprogling! Someone approaches...

[Messenger Orc enters cave]

Messenger Orc: Greetings, Old One! Shazdrakk Khan has given the order! Our armies move out at dawn...

Old Orc: Finally! What news from elsewhere?

Messenger Orc: High Elves are massing along their borders. Same for the Dwarfs.

Old Orc: Even with our hordes, two versus one are not odds I like.

Messenger Orc: It may not be that bad. The Dwarfs are surrounded. Dark Elves are getting ready to pour out of Cybria, and the Bellonian Knights are also on the march.

Old Orc: Hmm. What about the others?

Messenger Orc: The legions of Voltanheim have mobilized at the far end of Dragontooth Pass, and even the Glorenrond Forest is fairly bristling with Wood Elf archers.

Old Orc: Excellent! Then the great game can finally begin! What of the neutrals?

Messenger Orc: Slevia still slumbers and should be easy pickings. Of the Hruscan barbarians, there is no word.

Old Orc: Interesting. What does Grunjir Khan the God King say?

Messenger Orc: That we will triumph through strength, might and power, and vanquish all of our long-time oppressors!

Old Orc: Bollocks to that! Listen! The way will be long, hard, and troublesome. There will be setbacks and disasters aplenty. The only true winners will be the eaters of gore and the scavengers of carrion. We enter a dark age, my friend...

Messenger Orc: You doubt the wisdom of the God King?

Old Orc: Never! I am just being realistic. Give my regards to Shazdrakk Khan and remind him that we have an excellent chance. As do all the others...

Messenger Orc: Noted.

[Messenger Orc departs cave]

[Old Orc begins donning armour and weapons]

Old Orc: Blast and drat, Griselda! Where have you put my cursed war-cleaver?!

Griselda (from next cave): Have you tried the trunk behind the entry boulder?

Old Orc: Yes, there it is. Thank you!

Orcling: Grandad, are you going to war too?

Old Orc: Well, sprogling, someone has to show these young ‘uns how to fight properly. After all, you only live once!

Turn Order

The turn order for this month is:

1. The Empire of Voltanheim (Michael)
2. The Dark Elves of Cybria (Brenda)
3. The Wood Elves of Glorenrond (Allan)
4. The Orcs of the Crimson Wastes (Martyn)
5. The Knights of Bellonia (Aidan)
6. The High Elves of Western Elodia (Paul)
7. The Dwarves of Khaz Ung Grim (Kos)

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